hazel_rah's Journal

lord ragdoll kitten
4 July
Brusque Manor, Texas, United States
Interests: (68)
4ad, a delicious baked potato, autumn, books, brian eno, brighter, c.s. lewis, cats, cities, cognitive science, dead can dance, doctor who, douglas adams, douglas r. hofstadter, evolutionary psychology, factory records, felt, firefly, harry potter, haruki murakami, indie pop, invisible cities, james howard kunstler, julian cope, kendra smith, laughing stock, laurie anderson, lies, linguistics, louis wain, madeleine l'engle, maneki neko, martin gardner, moose, music, mysteries, night owls, nintendo, non-smokers, nonstandard dialects, parlor games, pirates, protein 2000, québécois femmes, red pandas, sarah records, scarlet's well, severe and unusual weather, sherlock holmes, sleep, songs about boats, spirit of eden, steven pinker, surrealism, susan cooper, talk talk, the clientele, the last elegant bear, the teaching company, time recordings, tricks, umberto eco, vegetarians, watership down, winter, witches, wizards, yorkshire
My goal in life is to fly over lush forests and glittering oceans without the aid of any mechanical device or any spiritual assistance from gods or rigorous disciplines.